Legal Consulting Inc. is a passionate timeshare cancellation company. Known for their fair, honest and genuine practices to help cancel our clients timeshare contracts permanently. We provide step-by-step solutions so that timeshare owners can gain a crystal clear understanding of effective ways to get rid of an unwanted timeshare. LCI delivers unbiased support to every individual and takes care of all the stages associated with a timeshare exit process. With our amazing background and experience, clients can certainly achieve freedom from all the timeshare liabilities.


H Joseph O’Hara is the founder of Legal Consulting Inc., the trusted timeshare consulting company with offices in Destin, Florida, Warsaw, Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH. With years of experience in the timeshare cancellation industry, the LCI team specializes in delivering timeshare liquidations, timeshare mortgage cancellation, timeshare education, and timeshare agreement cancellation services. Since 2014, LCI has helped thousands of people to cancel their unwanted timeshare contracts and get rid of high maintenance fees, taxes, and special assessment cost. LCI uses fair practices and delivers maximum customer support to the clients they have gotten out of their timeshare liabilities legally. LCI helps timeshare owners exit a timeshare contract even if the rescission period is over.